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What is is an absolutely free and genuine site for clients around the globe that will enable you to procure free dogecoin crypto currency money.

The site has a place with the organization Interglobal Limited, established in 2013 with base camp in Belize. What’s more, it is the sister site of popular where you can gain free BTC.

How to Create Account on
The registration in this site is very simple, it will not take you more 30 seconds to create your account.

First is to access the official site of and click signup button. You need to provide a valid email address, password and your dogecoin address.

After that you need to complete the captcha and click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

After signing up, you will receive an email that you need to confirm.

If you did not find the email then you might want to check your spam folder.

Once your account is created, you can now login to your account and start earning free dogecoin. offers many ways on how you can earn free dogecoin. And we will discuss everything on how to use the site so you can start earning.


Free Doge
In this page for every 60 minutes you can claim your free dogecoin by clicking the ‘Roll’ button and completing the captcha. For every roll you make, you will get a complete random number. Depending on the number that has come out you will earn more or less dogecoin based on the payout table.

The payout will change accordingly on the current price of dogecoin. By getting the number ‘10000’ you will win the highest amount for each roll which is $150 worth of dogecoins.

Keep in mind that the higher the prize you can win the more difficult it is to appear. So don’t expect to get ‘10000’ very often but only once in a while.

The site also has an option to play sound whenever the timer runs out. By enabling this feature, you can be notified that you can now roll the button again. I find this useful whenever I do other things on my computer.

Multiply Doge
Here you will find a provably fair ‘Hi-Lo’ game where you can multiply your dogecoins for up to 4750 times. Yes that is not a typo, 4750 times is the highest multiplier possible for one game.

The mechanics of the game is to choose ‘HI’ if you think the roll number will be higher than the given number or ‘LO’ for lower number.

Keep in mind that the higher the ‘win chance’ the lower the payout and the lower the ‘win chance’ the higher the payout.

On the right side of the page you can choose to add more bets to enable the jackpot. The rule is simple, if you roll number ‘8888’ then you will win the prize according to the amount you selected.

In the ‘Refer’ section you will find your invitation link with which you can invite your friends or colleagues to play in FreeDogecoin.

You will earn a 50% commission from all the DOGE that your guests get in the different free games. That’s right, if your referral has already won 100 DOGE, you will have 50 DOGE for that.

That means that if you only get 2 active referrals, you would already be earning twice as much as you would earn working alone. Additionally, you are given a banner so you can promote the website with your referral link.

Also there’s an option to return a percentage of what you earn to your referrals as gratitude of thank you. This option is also available on site.

You can choose to enter a quantity of DOGE and divide it among all your referrals, or also share your earnings to your referrals according to their activity.

Meaning the more they claim and play, the higher the percentage they will receive from your share

This is very effective if you have a group or channel to encourage your community to claim and play the ‘Hi-Lo’ game more.

Having said that, I am encouraging you to sign up using my referral link by clicking HERE because I am using this share feature to distribute some of my earnings to my referrals

How To Withdraw Your Funds in
If you click the ‘WITHDRAW’ button, you will see that there are two options to withdraw the profits that you accumulate in Free dogecoin site.









Withdraw AUTO: If you check the ‘auto’ option you will automatically withdraw your funds every Sunday given that you have more than 25 Dogecoins in your balance.

Choose this option if you have good earnings every week and do not want to worry about making manual withdrawals all the time.

Withdraw INSTANT: If you have not checked the option ‘auto’ from this section you can request a payment provided that your balance is greater than 25 Dogecoins.

In both cases you will be charged a small processing fee of 0.25 Dogecoins. And little more to add, in about 6 hours you will have your coins in your designated wallet.

Conclusion has been around for long time and already established its reputation.

This is by far the most legit and paying site to claim free dogecoin.

I have been using this for almost a year and it never failed to pay on time.

As proof, you can see on below image some of my latest withdrawals.


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